DESHONS Hydraulique forces itself to set up the aims of a sustainable development strategy such as conciliating economic growth, environment protection and social progress.

This is how the below label was born :



This label has 4 objectives :

  • Environment protection limitating the impact of our activity on the environment and biodiversity,
  • A reasonable consumption limitating energy consumption
  • A responsible management aiming at self-fulfilment in a production dynamic,
  • A cohesion always respecting teams and partners (customers, employees and sub-suppliers).

In this voluntary action path and with « €coDH Material », DESHONS Hydraulique company commits itself in a sustainable development charter. It allows to always integrating sustainable development principles in every clue steps such as strategy, management and relationships with partners (customers, employees and sub-suppliers).

The search of a better balance between partners (in a vision of shared growth) is always aimed at reinforcing economic, social and environmental performances (that guarantee the future and the activity). In that way, it can be shown in DESHONS Hydraulique by:

Economic performance :

  • A controlled and anticipated growth,
  • A wealth and jobs development that benefit the whole of our partners always respecting human values and territory growth
  • A fair allocation of the results between partners.


Social performance aims at reinforcing the company attractiveness :

  • Development of skills and employability,
  • Empowerment and autonomy,
  • Dialogue and team work,
  • Training and self-fulfilment,


An environmental performance in two main lines :

  • The reduction of the environment impact :
    Our company aims at reducing the goods consumption and impact on the environment.
  • This logic to be integrated in the activity :
    In collaboration with the partners, our company runs the manufacturing rejections making sure that the rules are respected so that the environmental impact can be decreased.


Through this charter, the company commits itself to:

  • Identify its own stakes to be able to highlight common goals with the partners, within the framework of its strategy,
  • Favour an action plan that values economic, social and environmental performances,
  • Report the progress and economic, social and environmental results ensued from the actions plan to the partners,
  • Drive a company network to share experience, develop goods practice and train people for the promotion of companies and employment in our territory,
  • Train people to encourage self-fulfilment and benefit it in a win-win relationship.