Five great and clear commitments that will guarantee products and services that will meet customers’ needs, always respecting our values.

Guaranteeing a welcome and an answer always adapted to your needs

  • Since the first welcome, we deliver clear information of our identity, our services, our prices …
  • We listen to you and take into account your needs so that we can advise you, forward you to the relevant department and interlocutor.
  • In the case we would be not able to take care of your needs, we would indicate another service provider.

This charter guarantees our binding commitment and assures a quality service.

  • We assure you the rapid consideration of your request as we contact you back within 48 h.
  • We offer you a service according to commitments defined together: tasks type to be made, punctuality, instructions respect, and service duration
  • We assure the continuity of the intervention
  • We review and sum up the situation with you at each mission end
  • We consider every claim and give a satisfactory solution in a reasonable time period.

We assure proximity, reactivity and professionalism

  • We guarantee reactivity and flexibility towards your needs and expectations
  • We assure a personalized relationship with an identified interlocutor

To commit together towards constant improvement of our services

  • Measuring regularly your satisfaction
  • Developing new service offers to meet your future needs.

To promote together the values of social and binding economy

We consider the individual in the heart of our concerns and become attached to:

  • Establishing a trustful relationship with our employees and participants guiding them in a personalized path to employment
  • Respecting current rules
  • Promoting social and binding economy values by means of our commitments in work ethics, the fight against discriminations, diversity practice, individual respect (employee or customer) in the entire human dimension.