Our values are clearly our company pillars. They are fundamental and determine our daily behaviour towards our partners – customers and employees.

These 8 above mentioned values let us assert and develop our difference, originality and innovation day after day.

Act as a responsible employer

DESHONS Hydraulique hopes to promote the professional development of its employees and create safe and stimulating working conditions.

  • autonomy and responsibility ;
  • improvement of working conditions : hygiene and safety ;
  • training plan ;
  • implementation of an employee profit-sharing ;

Customer satisfaction: a total commitment (charter)

Customer satisfaction is the proof of the development, the continued experience and the capacity of DESHONS Hydraulique to respect its commitments towards the stakeholders. Moreover, it mobilizes the whole of resources and capabilities of the company.

  • Guaranteeing a competitive offer in compliance with the current rules
  • Providing our customers with a clear information on products ad services
  • Meeting customer’s needs with personalized solutions
  • Analyzing customer’s dissatisfactions while identifying the causes and providing relevant corrective actions.

A Partnership spirit

DESHONS Hydraulique wishes to create and maintain fair and constructive relationships with the whole of the stakeholders. The company has developed a partnership spirit based on solidarity, listening and dialogue.

A quality policy in favor of sustainable development

  • Control and follow up of all manufacturing and production steps;
  • Referencing and evaluation of our sub-suppliers;
  • Customer claims processing;
  • Respect of current rules;
  • Respect of the environment choosing commodities that protect biodiversity, favoring recyclable packaging and limitating overpacking;
  • ISO 9001 Certification

A sustainable economic performance

  • A steady growth since 10 years
  • An ambitious investment program
  • Risk running and prevention
  • Current rules respect

Safety and security

A huge professional conscience is compulsory in our sector. For DESHONS Hydraulique, it means the application of the highest standards in terms of security and safety. It implies a really high unfailing know-how and vigilance in terms of quality and environment protection. DESHONS Hydraulique encourages the team spirit and endeavors to provide convenient working conditions for job processing and professional self-fulfillment.


DESHONS Hydraulique communication policy is characterized by transparency, sincerity and dialogue opening. The company becomes attached to provide reliable and relevant information. It allows estimating objectively its performances in environmental, economic and social responsibility fields.


All practices and decisions made by DESHONS Hydraulique are run by honesty, integrity and loyalty. The cart does scrupulously respect the country laws and rules in which it evolves.