Renting has several pros. Here are some advantages to show you that you cannot do without that service that is becoming very available to anyone and is meeting all company needs and requirements.

After analyzing your constraints and goals, DESHONS HYDRAULIQUE proposes you solutions altogether economic, flexible and relevant to your activity.

As the financial capacity remains stable, you can exclusively dedicate yourself in developping your company and caring about your customers. We take care of everything !


Financial advantage

  • Optimize and decrease your equipment fleet
  • Control and allow your costs
  • Minimize the inner and outer maintenance costs, if you decide to rent our equipment with a yearly maintenance contract

Safety advantage

  • Congruent equipments to all regulations
  • Tests and controls before any delivery
  • A sure and scheduled maintenance, if you decide to rent with a yearly maintenant contract

Service advantage

  • Contracts lasting the needed time period
  • Relevant advice in order to improve your productivity with a fitted equipment that meet your real needs.


Economic, flexible and suitable to you activity, do not hesitate to contact us.