A team, technical means and skills, components, parts, repair and metrology procedures developed and approved to ensure DESHONS Hydraulique equipment maintenance or any other trademarks of Ground Support Equipment.

To ensure the original achievement of the hydraulic carts, our commitment is clear: safety, reliability and durability of our spare parts.

The provisions offer that we propose you surely meet the requirements of your activity :


Producibility, deadlines respect and safety, do not hesitate to contact us.



Our yearly maintenance contracts offers real maintenance and repair solutions. Deshons Hydraulique totally takes care of the yearly maintenance of your equipment as well as we ensure the maximum availability of it.



  • Extension of the goods life span
  • Benefits from the services and the know-how of the OEM who knows better than anyone the designed and commissioned equipment.
  • Yearly tests in the equipment which ensure an almost continuous efficiency
  • Favored contacts with one single Deshons Hydraulique partner: easy communication, faster and more efficient intervention due to an accurate knowledge of the goods.
  • A maintenance that is realized by a skilled team : it is also the guarantee of equipment that meet current standards.
  • Phone desk / hotline: our customer can receive advice, be informed very shortly (about the breakdown he is able to fix, new equipment, questions on use problem …) and ask for the intervention team.
  • Tacit agreement for renewal, contract that can last several years: it is the guarantee of a followed up maintenance on the long run that releases the customer from organizing the maintenance: find out an serious and approved maintenance company every year, suffer fluctuating costs , …
  • Yearly retrofit of short shelf-life parts and consumables concerned with the yearly maintenance contract for an optimized working order.
  • New information given during our coming in your premises or via phone desk : new updated regulations, new updated technologies

Just work, we take care of everything ,do not hesitate to contact us.